Engaged Kids = Happy and Free Moms!!



As the summer holidays approach, all mothers start scouting for summer camps and a plethora of classes to keep their kids engaged. This is of course to keep their hyperactivity in check. But more so I sometimes wonder if it is not to relieve ourselves of the time required to be spent with them. Do we ever ask ourselves – is this what our kids want?

Summer holidays are the time for kids to have fun, without any specific routine, visit grandparents (if not in the same city), enjoy a lot of free play which they otherwise are unable to do.

Above all, this is also the time you get to have those conversations and spend quality time with your kids which is impossible on regular working days. And it really isn’t as cumbersome as it seems :). You can have as much fun as your kid.

Some ideas which I am putting to use this summer vacation are (in addition to the annual holiday):

  1. Regular playdates with  friends (at the park or someone’s house)- this keeps the kids engaged with their friends and also helps us mommies catch up. So its a win-win situation for all.
  2. Visit places of interest – museums, parks in different parts of the city. These places are generally out of bounds on school days owing to the schedules of the child. This will broaden their horizons and yours too!
  3. Picnic at the beach – Nothing better in summers than to reach the beach early morning with a picnic basket and spend 2-3 hours before the sun is at its peak. It provides a lot of opportunities for free play. If other kids and parents can join- nothing like it! The more the merrier!! And its rejuvenating for us as well!!
  4. Farm visit – Today’s children hardly understand the concept of a farm. So some of us mothers have arranged a farm visit during a weekend. Its a learning+fun opportunity fir kids and an awesome way for us parents to have fun as well!!
  5. Visit grandparents  – My parents live in Kolkata. So in the summers around 10-15 days are spent there. Its great for the kids to interact with their grandparents and learn new things from them and we too get some time to relax as a payoff 🙂
  6. At home – worksheets are not as boring as they sound! Include cut-paste activities, reading and writing, painting (allow them to get messy) – these pique their interest. Also games are a lovely way to interact with your kids while having fun and also improve their attention span :). Else, just relax with their favorite movie enjoyed with a big box of popcorn 🙂

There are learnings embedded in all these activities which are more important life skills and cannot be taught in any classroom. These also help you spend quality time with kids which is a dire need currently.

Even for working women, some of the above can be put into action if not all!

Let children be children and enjoy their summer holidays as we did without the pressure of summer camps, mid brain activation classes etc. Lets rediscover our childhood through them

Do let me know how you are planning to spend your child’s summer vacation 🙂



Forced Feeding vs Pleasurable Feeding

Iam sure all mothers have gone through this conflicting feeling within themselves….should I be a “good mother” and ensure my child eats 4 square meals or should I be the “easy going mother” who feeds her child when he/she is hungry??

I have faced this conflict within myself since the day my son started eating semi solids….I have never forced him to eat at regular intervals…I do give him food during mealtimes and if he is hungry he does ask for food. He is fussy but enjoys what he eats …I dont even feed him (he likes to eat on his own since he started eating solids) 🙂

This is completely contradictory to how I was raised as a child….I was required to eat at all mealtimes irrespective of whether I was hungry or not and my disliked foods were forced on me for the “goodness” that they bore…but all that it led to was complete hatred towards food…

I started discovering the pleasures of food and eating only post marriage where food wasnt forced on me and I started relishing what I ate..luckily this progressed into my pregnancy which has been my “healthiest eating” phase where I ate all the vegetables and fruits out of sheer happiness and liking…..that seems to have passed on to my son….

He is not a big eater but he enjoys what he eats…even though his mealtimes are irregular (which Iam sure will stabilize with age)…

I have been under constant pressure from elders for letting him be and not being the “good mother” who feeds her child for 1 hour each mealtime irrespective whether her child is hungry or otherwise….

Iam willing to be this “bad mother” as I find my son loving food which I dont find in many children nowadays….or should I be the “good mother”???

To each her own I say 🙂