Summer 2016 – Magical time spent at HK!!


Summer holidays are THE time of the year which is spent doing a lot of activities and the main attraction is our annual holiday J

This year we selected Hong Kong mainly because my son, Amogh just turned 5 and we thought it was the right age for him to enjoy Disneyland J

So we set aside 10 days to cover HK, Macau and Disneyland (2 days exclusively for Disneyland J)

We did pack in a lot in each day but also incorporated some leisure days to relax as well. Following is the itinerary we followed which worked really well for us:

  1. Day 1: We landed in the morning around 9:30 am at HK. We ventured out in the evening to The Peak. We reached the Peak by the tram, visited Madame Tussauds and the 3D Museum all located in the same building. Also the same building houses a 360 degree view of HK. These were easily covered in 3-4 hours comfortably. 3D museum is a recent addition and was a relatively new concept. Madame Tussauds doesn’t house as many Asian celebrities as its London and Singapore counterparts.
  2. Day 2: We explored Ocean park. It is a large area and needs time to cover. Its great for kids. It houses the Giant Panda, Penguins and many many more animals. There are designated feeding time for the various animals which if interested you can explore. The biggest attraction for us was the Dolphin show. That was the cherry on the cake for us J
  3. Day 3: We headed off to Macau in the ferry. Excellent ride. We checked into 4 Seasons hotel and explored the city. We visited the Ruins of St Paul’s, Museum of Macau (which is right next to the ruins), the Grand Prix museum (me being a diehard F1 fan – esp Schumi’s) and the wine museum (which was in the same building as the Grand Prix museum). We limited our sightseeing to these places. In the evening we attended Franz Harrary’s magic show which was worth every penny spent. We were lucky that Franz was present in person himself to conduct the show!! J

A special note on 4 Seasons Hotel. Their service was awesome. They provided a Spiderman toothbrush and paste, special blue color slippers and small seating stool and bath robe for my son. These were small things but delighters for us and my son. A Happy child = A Happy Holiday J

  1. Day 4: We started the day with Shrekfast which is a breakfast buffet + interaction with characters from Shrek, Madagascar, How to Train my Dragon and Kung Fu Panda. It was an absolute treat and surprise for my son. We enjoyed too. The breakfast spread was good and most of the menu was themed around the various characters. Then we explored the Venetian hotel cum mall which houses almost all the big brands and then enjoyed the Gondola ride in the mini Venice they have set up J. In the evening we attended the Dancing Water show. It was a brilliant show – a treat to the eyes and such brilliant performances!! We were lucky to get 1st row seats which ensured we were splashed with water during some parts of the show!! That was a delight given the heat!! J Also it allowed the actors to interact with us during the show
  2. Day 5: We returned to HK via ferry but unfortunately it was raining and hence the ride was very choppy!! We relaxed that evening!
  3. Day 6: This was a relaxed day. We purposely avoided too much sight seeing over the weekend to avoid crowds. In the evening we ventured out to the Space Museum which had an interesting space related 3D show which kids enjoyed! We experienced heavy rainfalls and got stuck in them too!! We availed of the MTR as well to commute faster and get a local flavor! Then we visited the Tsim Sha Tsui promenade for the renowned music and light show in the night. But frankly, the music and light show wasn’t really that great. We ate dinner at Saravana Bhavan but the food again wasn’t as great as in its Indian restaurants.
  4. Day 7: Another relaxed day. We went out with my friend to have breakfast at Starbucks. Then we proceeded to Stanley market, did some shopping at the local market, had lunch at Pizza Express and then back home J
  5. Day 8: We proceeded to Lantau island which houses the Big Buddha and Disneyland. We checked into the Hollywood Hotel. We availed of the Disneyland train to reach the cable car for Bug Buddha. The train is really pretty because it has Mickey ears on the coaches and all different Mickey characters within. It has a lounge seating which is also lovely. The cable car ride was lovely. We took a crystal cabin one way (which has a transparent floor J). We ate at the Hollywood hotel. All the meals at Hollywood Hotel and Disneyland Hotel are themed around the Mickey characters J. Kids are given special cutlery and plates and bowls which is really awesome!
  6. Day 9: We availed of “Breakfast with Chef Mickey” which entailed breakfast and photo session with Mickey in a chef’s coat and cap J Soooper cute J Then we proceeded to our 1st day at the Disneyland park. We had a lovely time with all areas well designated and characters interspersed across to spread out the crowd as well. As we went on a weekday, the crowd was relatively less. So our max waiting time at the rides was around 20 mins which is very low. As we had planned 2 days at Disneyland Park, we were able to cover all the areas leisurely without any hurry. We watched the Lion King show which was spectacular!! The quality of international performers is outstanding!!
  7. Day 10: We availed of the breakfast at Disneyland Hotel which entailed the presence of some more characters – Minnie, Goofy, Pluto. Then to our final day at the Disneyland Park. We also saw the customary parade at 3:30 PM in which the visitors are also encouraged to participate and Amogh did too J. We also availed of the Disneyland train around the park. There was a show called “Mickey and the Wondrous Book” which was spectacular on so many counts!! Beautiful visuals, 3D impact and a showcase of all of Disney’s stories!!! Creative way of showcasing their properties!

We left Disneyland Park with a heavy heart. As my husband rightly said “There is a sadness felt when leaving the Disneyland Park which is not felt for any other park”. Am looking to the addition of “Iron Man” game by end of this year

Our experience with Disneyland was awesome but if only their hotel staff was more congenial and happy when interacting with visitors the experience could be way more superior. After all they are the first in line visitors come in contact with.

  1. Day 11: We took a flight back to India!!


The trip was brilliant and we have made awesome memories during this trip!

If you plan to travel to HK some things you need to keep in mind:

  • If you are a vegetarian, food might be a concern for you unless you are staying in a big hotel with varieties of veg and non veg foods. Some local restaurants do heed your request to make a dish veg by not adding the meat
  • HK is expensive so use the Klook app to get good discounts on entry tickets to various places
  • The Disneyland hotels offer good room + park entry rates
  • The city is very well connected by its public transport system. So do make use of the same to save money and also get to interact with the locals

Do let me know of interesting places you have visited and even your experience in HK if you have visited the same!!