The upgraded Fathers! – v2.0

The changing role of Fathers and the gusto with which it has been accepted by men is very heartening. Having experienced the earlier generation of Fathers, such roles seemed to be impossible to be adopted by Dads in the future. Nowadays dads are doing it all – changing diapers, attending to sleepless babies at night, accompanying the kids to the doctor for their shots or when ill, cooking when required, doing the household chores…and the list is endless

Given the increase in nuclear families and the need for the couple to work, the contribution of each parent becomes crucial while raising a child. Also, just like the Mother, the Father has a critical role which cannot be substituted. Having said that, it still needs the Father to be proactive and don the role of the Father, Husband, Son. Kudos to all the men who have done that and those getting there.

They are not only providers anymore..they are also responsible in building the image of all men in the child’s perception. And I must say, most fathers today are doing that beautifully – being a good, supportive husband, caring father and son which impacts the child positively and are life lessons for them.

Men are not naturally known to be multi-taskers, but the fact that they are moving towards it and honing their skills, makes me believe Version 3.0 is not far away..

So cheers to all the lovely dads out there – give yourselves a pat on the back and enjoy the compliments you receive on Father’s Day (record them if you wish for posterity sake. You might not get to hear these on other days :))!!

Looking forward to seeing v3.0 soon :):)


Raising kids- without kid gloves!

I really envy our parents. They had a much easier time raising us with lesser distraction for kids, hardly any peer pressure, more time dedicated to playing with friends in the playground, hardly any branding to impact their decision making and mostly more family members to interact with the child thereby giving the parents some free time.

We don’t have it that easy…not only do we have to raise our kids well but also fight the demons (branded toys, peer pressure, wanting large scaled birthday parties like others, junk food always and you can list many more of course) on the path literally like knights in shining armor to protect our prince and princesses. The demons manifest in so many forms, we end up always multitasking to protect our kids from its effects.

And with nuclear families on the rise, it’s difficult to make time for ourselves especially if you are like me who doesn’t trust their kids with any outsider (a.k.a maid, babysitter etc.)


Given this scenario, our parenting style has to be adaptive to the situation. We can’t always molly coddle our kids. They need to understand the bitter truths of life at an early age to be in touch with reality. For example, they have to share, what others do might not be best for them, it’s okay to not have latest branded toys, clothes etc.

To raise a grounded child, it is essential to let them grow in reality by exposing them to it and also leading a similar life. Let them experience love, sorrow, pain, fear. That is the only way they will appreciate happiness and relief and realize that no emotion is permanent.  This will help our kids appreciate what they have and what they really need. It will also help them differentiate between important and unimportant aspects of life. And in the long run it helps build patience which this generation completely lacks.

So, let’s remove our kid gloves, let our kids experience the reality of life thereby giving them the best gift ever – COURAGE TO LIVE LIFE COMPLETELY AND FACE WHAT IT THROWS AT THEM