My decision to be a Mother was right!

As a mother, you would agree, we never really know what its like to be a mother before you actually deliver a child. It seems like a rosy picture perfect life with a cute bundle of joy, lots of cuddling, turning up perfectly dressed at birthday parties and play dates….of course then reality hits you!!

No one warns you about the difficulty of breast feeding, the sleepless nights, living in pyjamas, loose t shirts, living like a zombie – definitely for the first 3-4 months at least…

But, the perks outweigh all the troubles we undertake – the sweet baby smell, the cuddling and kissing, the delightful massaging and bathing ritual, watching the munchkins attain their milestones – turning, crawling, walking, baby talk….there are such endless moments which are the essential joys of motherhood 🙂

Motherhood is definitely tough – times are different from those we grew up in, challenges are extremely difficult and quite unforeseen at times; as a first time mother, there is always a doubt on your own decisions which somehow I have not managed to outgrow yet, I believe I will keep learning always (there is no end to it)..

These challenges seem miniscule due to the physical affection bestowed on me by my son- multiple hugs and kisses (even when I am disciplining him) which is a constant affirmation for me – I definitely made the right decision to become a MOM!!

Signing off now, as my son calls me for our “hugging and kissing” sleep ritual …:):)


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