Kids – let them choose their own life path!

Whenever I meet parents, grandparents, they of course talk highly about their kids and grandkids but also seem to have similar selfish expectations – “Woh bada hoke hamara khayal rakhega”, “Woh hamare khandaan ka waris hai”.

Whenever I hear this, a wave of sadness and anger overpowers me. Why do we treat our kids like some Fixed deposit or a Money back policy?

Didn’t we have kids because we wanted to create a bundle of joy with the person we love? A beautiful child to relive our childhood with? Correct me if I am wrong.

If that is the reason why we brought our kids into the world, why do we have such expectations from them, making them feel that they owe us anything? They don’t. It was our decision to bring them into this world and not theirs.

Can’t we treat them as individuals who can look forward to their life and build it in the manner they want without any tensions of our selfish expectations?

Can’t we be pillars of support and strength for them without any selfish expectations except of a great future for them!!

Let’s be selfless parents as we are meant to be!!


A loving and doting mom like all the moms out there! 🙂


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