Evolution Of A Full Time Working Mom To A Freelance Mom!!

After working for 12 years, through my pregnancy and beyond, I never thought I would want to take a break..but I was getting signs to slow down ..after a lot of mulling around, I took the step (which many people around me told was drastic, what would I do after that…etc etc..you know the routine!!) …..even I did give a thought to what my future plans would be….I didn’t want to not work forever….

Surprisingly, as soon as I took the step, there was a feeling of liberation….(not that I hated my job…I actually loved it!!)…the feeling of being in control of myself…all my time at my own disposal to do whatever I pleased…..spent the first couple of days just enjoying not working and luckily post that I started getting freelance work…

I am able to do so much more now – take lessons, participate and be selected as a Safe Food Ambassador (SFA) for Tetra Pak, take part in a dance performance at my son’s annual day function, take off and watch an impromptu movie with him and his friends, an impromptu trip out of Mumbai…and planning so much more…

I am so glad to have taken the decision when I did….there is so much more to life than just work…and definitely this decision wouldn’t have been easy without the unconditional support from my husband (who by the way said that I would get bored a week into my break….not sure if that was true…didn’t get the chance to validate that hypothesis ;))

Its so much fun to be able to follow your passion and do what you wish to do….its not always about the money!! This new journey as an SFA has been enriching – meeting new, like minded people, learning from each other, motivating each other and being able to do much more than what we normally do….enjoying it completely!!

Wake up….enjoy this time before it runs out!!

Cheers to life!!!


3 thoughts on “Evolution Of A Full Time Working Mom To A Freelance Mom!!

  1. So awesome to hear your story! I, a former homeschooling mom, have just decided to make freelancing full time my goal. I desperately miss all the time I used to have with my kids, and my job just isn’t “doing it” for me. It gives me so much motivation to hear from other moms that it is possible to make this leap! It might take me a year, or even two, but having this goal as a beacon in my future just makes all the difference in the world. Thanks for the hope you’ve given me!

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