The Jungle Book


We were very excitedly waiting for The Jungle Book movie to release…and luckily it released today, on my husband’s birthday…so we saw the 1st show at 9 am…English 3D
What an awesome movie….brilliant animation and lip syncing of the animals…and Mowgli has done such a great job ☺☺
Its definitely worth watching with the kids…the interlaced humor adds a beauty to the script. But as in the comic I was expecting the cute girl at the end leading Mowgli to the man village which finally wasnt depicted

But nevertheless definitely watch it in the theatres in 3D.
Now to watch the Hindi 3D version ☺☺


One thought on “The Jungle Book

  1. I love Jungle Book! It was one of the movies that we watched before when I was in grade school, which was super long ago. I remember singing to the songs and memorizing all of the characters. I’m excited to watch this soon! ❤

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