Crossroads: Should our children trust others or not?

Life was relatively easier when we were kids..people trusted each other..we mixed around freely with people without any inhibitions or fear. But given today’s social conditions and shocking incidents all around us, esp around sexual assaults on kids, as a parent I am at a dilemma of what to teach my child.

I want him to be friendly with people but yet am unable to ward off my own apprehensions and lack of trust on people (which has got aggravated since I became a mother :)) What do I do? I hit the panic button as soon as strangers start getting friendly with him, reiterate good touch and bad touch at regular intervals lest he forget the same….that’s not how our children should have to live…they should be confident and perceive the world as a happy and safe place to grow and live in.

The only thing I hope is that we can take progressive steps and are able to leave behind a safe world for our children to live in without any fear which they are entitled to šŸ™‚ An anxious yet hopeful mother


3 thoughts on “Crossroads: Should our children trust others or not?

  1. Its good to keep hope. Hope for the world and the good people. Thinking positive is good to teach your children. Let them also know that there are just some people who are not there to be trusted. It’s usually good to warn children for bad people too. So that they are not completely naive. It’s sad that it has to be that way too.

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  2. It is a balancing act right? I think it is quite challenging given conflicting research and social pressure.We do our best and hope that our children remember what ae teach them.

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  3. I can understand your hesitation. Part of me wanted to see the good in other people. To give them the benefit of the doubt and not be jaded to immediately assume the worst in them. But I guess, the problem is we were able to read and see too much violence that it’s second nature for us mother to want to protect our kids from all the bad in the world. Madz is right, it’s about finding the right balance, no matter how hard it seems.

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