Treat milk right to keep its nutrition intact!

As a Mom, we know the nutritional benefits of milk not only for our kids but also for all other family members. But are we treating the milk correctly to ensure the nutrition is intact when consumed?

Most people boil the milk before consuming it to get rid of harmful bacteria. But along with the bacteria, boiling kills the nutrients in the milk. So how do we ensure the removal of harmful bacteria yet keeping the nutrition content of milk intact?

The answer is UHT (Ultra High Temperature) treated milk! UHT treated milk is milk that is heated at 135-150 degrees C for 3-4 seconds and them immediately cooled to 20 degrees C. This ensures the removal of harmful bacteria keeping the goodness of milk intact.

Further, UHT treated milk packed in aseptic packaging helps increase its shelf life without the need for preservatives or refrigeration. The aseptic packaging has 6 layers that keeps out bacteria, impurities and environmental conditions thereby protecting the goodness of milk.

You can get more information on this from the video at the following link:

Treat the Nutrition Powerhouse with respect and care that it deserves and treat your family to its wholesome goodness!! 🙂

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